Chopard Loves London

Chopard loves London was the theme of this very British day of celebrations during which Caroline and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele celebrated the opening of the new Chopard boutique on the city’s prestigious Bond Street. Restored in harmony with its environment as a true family home with a convivial atmosphere, this is now the Maison’s largest European flagship store. The opening cocktail featured numerous references to British culture. Arriving in a procession of London’s famous black cabs specially personalised by Chopard, the guests who were dropped off at the entrance – with Bond Street specially cordoned off for the occasion – were warmly welcomed by porters wearing bowler hats and exuding an inimitably English breed of elegance.

Among the guests, many friends of the Maison were present to assist Caroline Scheufele in cutting the traditional ribbon stretched across the entrance of the building: Oscar-winning actresses and actors Julianne Moore, Marion Cotillard, Christoph Waltz and Colin Firth – accompanied by his wife Livia Firth – as well as Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, the Maison’s global ambassador; Araya Hargate, also a Chopard ambassador; Arizona Muse, the face of Chopard’s iconic Happy Diamonds collection; along with James Norton, Alexa Chung and Petra Nemcova.

Expanded and refurbished using local environment-friendly materials, this new boutique is another step forward in Chopard's Journey to Sustainable Luxury and its inaugural evening met the same high standards. The blue and gold carpet rolled out on the street to welcome guests – driven in by the all-electric London taxis commissioned by Chopard – was produced by Aquafil from ENONYL®, a fibre made entirely from recycled plastic materials such as used fishing nets. On the facade and all along the arrival route, florist artist Philippa Craddock created a decoration composed of locally supplied flowers that reflected the Maison’s links with nature. Celebrating the same theme, the very summery cocktails and petits fours served at the reception – including a Brixham bar ceviche with green apple and cucumber, and smoked chicken with black truffle and Cambridgeshire artichoke mousse on rye bread – were also made using local food. The evening was accompanied by wines from Château Monestier La Tour produced on Karl-Friedrich’s estate using biodynamic methods.

At the end of the cocktail, Caroline and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele hosted their guests for a prestigious dinner held under the gilded ceilings of the Main Hall at Banqueting House, one of London’s historical monuments. During the dinner, enlivened with a performance by magician David Jarre, a runway show with models who’s tresses were catered to by the Neville team enabled guests to discover the latest creations of Chopard's Haute Joaillerie workshops, including a diamond and ruby jewellery set especially designed by Caroline Scheufele in honour of the Chopard Bond Street boutique. Alessandro Ristori & the Portofinos provided the musical entertainment for the evening, followed by London DJ Lou Hayter.

Courtesy of Chopard.

Get the look:

Prep the hair using L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Pli.
Using a pin tail comb, create a low parting on whichever side of the head looks best.
Gather the hair into a low ponytail and secure using elastic.
Using the ponytail create a low flat bun and secure with pins.
Finish with a light mist of L’Oreal Professionnel Infinium hairspray.


In just about a week, Stella Magazine will be brought to life at #StellaLive19, a celebration of smart ageless style, fashion and beauty coming to the Saatchi Gallery, London from 10-11 May 2019.

During the various sessions you can be inspired by a fantastic line up of speakers, drink some rosé and enjoy free Facial Bar pampering sessions with us.

We will be offering free hair-styling tasters as well as free Facial Bar treatments.To buy your tickets head to :

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Hair treatments: What you need to know

On a daily basis our hair is subject to an array of aggressions caused by diet, stress, heat damage, colour, over washing and over processing. These can have a nefast effect on the appearance of our hair and can also play havoc on our psyche.

A recent study revealed that a whopping 77% of women don’t feel like themselves when having a bad hair day. And with our brain ticking away with endless to do lists the last thing we need, is to feel insecure because of our hair. The root of the problem, stressed hair!

Just like you, your hair needs love.

Depending on how stressed your hair is it can take time to repair and bring it back to good health, which is why consistent treatments and trims are key. Equally, if your hair is not damaged but you fancy improving the appearance of your hair, treatments should be an essential part of your haircare regimen.

Life is busy, I get it! Finding the time to come in for a cut is challenging enough without having to find additional time to spare on a treatment, but that’s where the beauty of technology kicks in. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of instant and bespoke treatments that can be done at the backwash and tailored to your hair’s exact needs, meaning you can now reap the benefits of healthy shiny hair without spending any additional time in the chair.

Whether strengthening, nourishing, smoothing, resurfacing or for added shine, reputable salons will always offer you a hair treatment with any styling or colour service as it’s the base of good hair.

Combining regular hair treatments with a good home care routine will guarantee you a head of hair that will make heads turn.


Fusio Dose The instant treatment that combines a concentré with a booster to meet your unique hair needs. With 20 possible combinations, your main and secondary hair concern will be tackled with no extra time at the backwash.
5 minutes ~ £25
Smartbond A protective and strengthening treatment, specifically designed to protect and strengthen the hair. The system consists of 3 components, the first 2 being used in salon and the 3rd one at home. I particularly recommend this treatment to people who colour their hair to prevent any damage.
1 hour ~ £150
Philip Kingsley Elasticiser Dry, brittle hair can snap under tension, and it’s fair to say that no one wants breakage. The best way to prevent breakage is to strengthen and moisturise the hair. Philip Kingsley’s elasticiser can do just that. Designed by Mr Kingsley for Audrey Hepburn, the elasticiser is a pre-shampoo intensive moisturising treatment that delivers shine and elasticity to the hair. Results are visible from first application and continue to improve with use.
30 minutes ~ £45
Redken Gold Mask This mega recovery gold tissue mask for hair was inspired by facial sheet masks. Designed to restore softness and manageability, the gold mask contains a blend of cactus, aloe vera and to nourish the hair. It provides intense moisture while smoothing the hair cuticle. Recommended weekly.
20 minutes ~ £45

To book a treatment click here and go to Hair Treatments.

Why Paying for Salon Colour is Worth It!

Undeniably there’s a big difference in cost between getting your hair coloured in a salon and buying a box of dye in the supermarket to use at home. Here’s why I think salon colour is worth it every time.

THE CRAFT OF COLOUR The expense of salon colour comes first and foremost down to the fact that you are paying for a trained expert who has spent years learning every aspect of the craft. Changing the colour of your hair permanently isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly, because it changes the physical structure of your hair. Not only are these experts thoroughly trained in handling the strong chemicals involved in the process, and not only do they have a vast array of colours and equipment at their fingertips, they have also learned how skin tone and hair colour interact as well. Using their trained eye and artistry skills, they can tailor your colour to complement your complexion, face, hair type and lifestyle for a truly bespoke finish. From juniors to the most senior colourist, each member of salon staff is in situ to deliver the finest experience and result.
SAFETY Used incorrectly, the chemicals involved in colouring hair can have damaging effects. Hair colour, for example, contains allergens that can cause a wide variety of allergic reactions, from cases of rashes and hives, to hospitalisation and even fatalities. The most common allergen is paraphenylenediamine or PPD and is found in over 99% of permanent hair dyes. You may or may not be aware that it has been a legal requirement for all hairdressers to carry out patch tests prior to colour services. Reputable salons will never guarantee your appointment until that test has been done. With such factors in mind, safety should always be at the forefront when colouring hair both at home and in a salon. This is undeniably easier in the salon, where extensive safety procedures are in place. Should - god forbid - an accident happen then the correct equipment and fully trained and insured staff are immediately on hand to respond. This is not the case at home.
SALON DESIGN Salon owners invest heavily to ensure the salon environment is ideal for cutting and colouring hair. Seats are designed to support our backs, backwashes to guarantee the best shampoo and treatment services and lighting arrangements such that our hair colour and skin tone are rendered in a faithful way. Light must be even, natural and free from shadows.
HAIR HEALTH Colouring our hair compromises its health in varying degrees. In a salon environment however, the styling and colour experts have a wealth of expertise and first fate products that enable them to best prescribe a routine to maintain and enhance hair health both professionally and at home.

Salon hair colour is expensive, I don’t deny that, but now I hope you understand a bit better why it’s well worth the investment. Brilliant hair colour is truly transforming!

All students can benefit from 30% off all hair services upon presentation of a valid NUS card. Bookings can be made via our reception on 0207 235 3654.

The long and short of it

Long hair seems to have eternal appeal – Perhaps it’s because our childhood fairy tales were full of longhaired princesses, or perhaps it something more evolutionary. Either way, the trend for long, luscious hair is going nowhere. But if you wonder why some people can grow their hair to their waist, while yours struggles to pass your shoulders, the answer lies partly in your DNA - The speed our hair grows is genetically determined.

For most people this is a quarter to half an inch a month. And though there’s not much you can do to speed this up, you can take steps to ensure your strands are growing at their optimal rate and not snapping or falling out before they should. Here are my tips for being a modern Rapunzel!

TRY SKINCARE FOR HAIR Our hair grows from our scalp, so looking after it is a must if you want yours to be long and strong! Skincare for hair is a big trend right now. I love Hair Rituel by Sisley Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for the Scalp, £135, Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate, £44.70, and Redken Recovery Sheet Mask Cap, £12.
EAT WELL A healthy diet is as important for your hair as it is your skin. Eating protein and complex carbohydrates (like brown rice, chickpeas and sweet potato), maintains a good hair growth cycle. Consume these at breakfast and lunch when our energy expenditure is greatest.
CONSIDER SUPPLEMENTATION Ensuring your body has healthy levels of certain minerals encourages hair growth and helps prevent breakage. Biotin, part of the Vitamin B family, plays an important role in hair health and has transformed my hair. Fulvic acid is also proven to provide significant improvement in hair thickness and condition, while iron deficiencies affect 15% of the world’s population and can suppress hair growth too.
SHOWER RIGHT It horrifies me how many women skip conditioner – The worst thing you can do when growing your hair. Conditioner helps replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft, as well as sealing the cuticle to prevent moisture loss, snags and heat damage. In reality it’s shampooing that you should skip when possible. Here's why: Shampoo washes away not just dirt and product build-up, but also the natural oils that keep our strands soft and healthy. Reduce the days you shampoo, and do a cold rinse after you do - This smooths and protects the hair cuticle as above.
TRY TREATMENTS Hair can't get long if it keeps snapping off, so invest in products that strengthen it. To minimise breakage I recommend a weekly pre-shampoo treatment like Oribe Gold Lust Pre Shampoo Intensive Treatment, £62 to plump the hair shaft with moisture, improving elasticity and strength. Or try our Kerastase Extentioniste in-salon treatment, £45. It helps reduce the appearance of split ends and minimises breakage to promote sublime lengths.
BE SCISSOR HAPPY Having an invisible trim whereby your hair tips are skimmed without removing length doesn't make your hair grow faster, but does prevent the split ends that cause breakage. Our in-salon hot scissor cuts are great too. Heated scissor blades round off and seal the hair tip to lock in moisture and minimise the damage caused by pollution, sunlight and heat styling.
BRUSH RIGHT Never brush your hair from the roots as this causes friction and damages the hair shaft. Instead start at the ends and work your way up.
QUIT PONY CLUB If you have bleached, dry, or fine hair wear it down when your can. Ponytails break off hair where the elastic holds the tail in place. Instead twist your hair into a bun and clip it with a claw clip or pin. Slip Silk Skinnies Hair Ties, £39 and Popbands, £8 are gentler on hair than traditional ties too.

Sleeping Beauty

My resolution this year is to go back to basics and be better at the simple things - sleeping, eating and moving. I truly believe that this can make us happier, healthier and more able to achieve our greatest desires.

Terrifyingly, two thirds of adults claim that they are sleep deprived and experts say regularly getting less than seven hours a night can seriously affect our health, concentration, productivity, and appearance. The health and beauty of our hair and skin, of course, relies on good sleep too.

Here are my top ten tips for sleeping better so you can look and feel fabulously refreshed and alert.

Stop all tech-related activity 60 minutes before bed, especially using devices that omit stimulating blue light. Oh and absolutely never take them to bed! The bedroom is for sleeping reading and romance.
Deep sleep or REM, which makes up about 20 percent of our time in bed, is very beneficial for our health. Sadly not everyone achieves it. Lowering stress levels, avoiding alcohol, snoring partners (!), uncomfortable beds and overheated bedrooms will help.
90 minutes before bed start lowering the lights – Quiet and darkness stimulate the sleep hormone melatonin.
Establish a sleep routine and repeat it every day – These habits tell our brains and bodies that it’s time to turn off. I personally take a bath, wash my face, brush and floss my teeth, and do some reading. Meditation helps many people too.
Stop drinking caffeine after 3pm and always avoid alcohol in the hour before bed.
Our bodies like habit - Try to keep your bed and wake up times the same every day where possible. It’s tempting to sleep more at the weekend but don't. This upsets our body clocks and will actually make you feel less rested.
Regular exercise promotes good sleep. We were built to move but many of our modern jobs involve sitting for hours, so making extra effort is essential. My office is at the top of 8 flights of stairs and I often have to run up and down them (usually in heels) many times a day. I love pilates and yoga and have a very energetic little boy who I chase after a lot.
Breathing properly can reduce stress, improve sleep quality and enhance our physical and mental health. Download Pranayama and Headspace apps to try it.
Visualisation helps clear and calm the mind. Imagine a shining light and beginning at the top of your head envision it scanning down your body to your toes where negativity departs through your feet.
Essential oils are one of the most powerful and proven natural remedies to help aid sleep. I spray This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £18 onto my pillow at night. It's a powerful blend of Lavender, Vetiver and Wild Camomile.

Shop my favourite bedtime treats here:

The Truth About Patch Tests

I think it’s safe to say that we probably all feel the same about patch tests - They’re a bore!

Because with work, family, friends and endless to do lists, it’s difficult enough to find the time to get our hair done at all, let alone to make additional salon trips for patch tests in the days before - Especially when the majority of us have probably never had an allergic reaction in our lives.

I get it. I really do. We all want to look fabulous and to make that happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. Life is busy!

The most common allergen, paraphenylenediamine or PPD, is found in over 99% of permanent hair dyes. And from cases of rashes and hives, to hospitalisation and even fatalities (a poor 19 year old Parisian woman had a near-fatal reaction in only November last year), 5% of people suffer negative reactions of some kind to hair colour.

These reactions often occur when the sufferer least expects them – Did you know for example, that we can all develop new allergies at any stage of our lives? Moreover, hair colour formulations are tweaked constantly to modernise them and make them kinder to our hair, the downside being that a product that doesn't irritate you now, may - frustratingly - do so in the future. It’s inconvenient but true! Safety therefore, should be at the forefront of all our minds when colouring hair both at home and in salon.

You may or may not be aware that it has been a legal requirement for all hairdressers to carry out patch tests prior to colour services. Reputable salons will never guarantee your appointment until that test has been done.

So let’s face it, while patch tests are far from convenient, they are essential and continue to save lives worldwide on a daily basis. Perhaps, just perhaps, next time you are asked to book in for one, swap your irritation for reassurance that you are using a reputable salon that is fulfilling its legal requirements and puts your safety first.

Patch tests should be booked at least 48 hours before the colour appointment. A pea-sized quantity of the colour formula will be applied to the back of your ear or nape of your neck. If you subsequently experience a reaction of any kind, notify the salon immediately so that you can be advised on the correct procedure.